nikki + humbi | coral gables wedding

922rMy Gator Couple

What an amazing experience! Nikki and Humbi are one of the most outgoing, fun, exciting and genuine couples I have had the pleasure of working with.  Since the first day we met they had me smiling.  They both shared the same vision for their dream day; a fun, party style wedding, with great food, drinks and music!  They both love Greece and wanted to incorporate a piece of Greece in their wedding.  So far, so good.  Then, they throw the curve ball!  “We want Greek food served family style.  We want our guests to eat, drink, dance and do it all over again”. For  half of a second, I thought; how am I going to pull this one off? Then right away, I suggested a venue, and as fate would have it, they looked at me and said “that is our number one choice in venues”.  We have a winner!!!  The Westin Colonnade it is!!

We met with the Catering Director and the Executive Chef and like magic we had a family style Greek menu that surpassed all of our expectations.  The Chef served three full platings with several authentic Greek dishes to be shared by all the guests at the table.  The platings were served on top of a 48″ glass lazy susan.  The Chef surprised us and the guests when he added chocolate covered bacon to the third plating.  What a treat!! He is such a personable man that he was there to greet the Bride and Groom and make sure that they were happy with the platings (see picture below)! Thank you to Shirley Horn and the Executive Chef for making this dream a reality!!!

The Ceremony took place at the Galleria.  It was beautifully decorated all in white with flowing fabrics, white long stem callas and an elegant  baby grand piano.  The guests were greeted with the beautiful sounds of the piano being played by a personal friend who played for the Bride and Groom. 

The Cocktail Reception took place in the upper section of the Rotunda and guests were greeted with a personalized olive oil bottle.  The olive oil bottle served as the escort card holder and the favor.  A special treat that prepared the guests for the Greek experience to follow. The experience started with a toast served in small shot glasses with no other than Ouzo a traditional Greek aperitif.  Opa!!!

The Rotunda was lit in orange amber up lighting as our color scheme was grey and orange.  The tables were lined with silver fortuny linens and on top of of the lazy susan rested a beautiful piece of bark wood, each one unique in size and shape, beautifully adorned with orange cymbidium orchids. Each table number was created by the Bride and Groom.  Each number represented the number of months to a special milestone/occurrence in their lives.

I learned quickly, that Humbi and Nikki are die hard “Gators”.  They wanted to have their own personal “Hora Loca” and “Gator Mania” broke out at midnight! The sounds of EMG’s percussionist and the DJ rocked the house! The guests had a spectacular time clacking little gator clackers, wearing gator hats, beads, masks and the list goes on and on.  The Bride and Groom danced all night and they even had their own “Opa” moment as guests threw napkins up in the air.  I felt like I was in Greece! The only thing missing was the breaking of the plates. Everyone had an amazing time and they were so happy to have attended a wedding like no other, Nikki and Humbi’s Dream wedding with a Greek twist!

I cannot close this blog without sharing this story.  Humbi truly thought that by watching a You Tube video of how to tie a bow tie he would master the art.  Unfortunately, he and several of his groomsmen failed after many attempts.  He finally called for help and my assistant Nikki,  expert at tying bows, came to the rescue.  The outcome a perfect bow tie and a very happy and relieved Groom!!

This wedding could of not happened without the great work of the many vendors who give it their all day after day to make dreams come true!  A special thank you to:  A & A Video Productions, Card Cottage, EMG, Gables Linens, It’s A Party, Nevot Flowers, Soul Echo Studios, the amazing staff at the Westin Colonnade and last but never least my right hand Nikki.  

Nikki and Humbi, thank you for allowing me to make your dreams a reality but most of all for allowing me the opportunity to share this special journey with you leading to your spepcial day!  Wishing you both many years of love, happiness, and health.  Please keep making each other smile!

Enjoy the many smiles of Nikki and Humbi below (caputred by a special friend of the Bride and Groom, Alex Fagundo from Soul Echo Studios).